A Card Scanner SDK to Prevent Fraud and Boost Conversion.

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Improve payment conversion by over 5% and reduce fraud by over 50%.

Improve conversion at signup or checkout by 5%

Reduce time required to input payment information by over 65%

Reduce account takeover fraud and stolen credit card losses by over 50%

Detect fake or stolen cards

Powered by a state-of-the-art deep learning model that works on any card

Includes cards with flat numbers, numbers on the back, embossed numbers, vertical cards, and everything else

Runs entirely on device, ensuring PCI compliance, small binary size, and low latency

Takes a few minutes of an engineer's time and a few lines of code to get DyScan up and running.

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We're bringing authenticity back to the internet, starting with making digital payments as seamless and secure as physical payments.
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